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BLUEPRINT has moved!

December 16, 2010 will no longer be updated, and soon will disappear. BLUEPRINT can now be found NEW and IMPROVED at BLUEPRINTCHICAGO.ORG! Come take a look!

And as a little enticement of what the new site offers here’s a a hint of the latest post on the new BLUEPRINT . . .


Noah Vaughn is Chicago’s modern day Richard Nickel. An intrepid urban explorer, he documents vacant decaying buildings through stunning photographs. The following photographic essay will (hopefully) be the first in a series of entries written by guest bloggers who offer different perspectives on the field of architecture.

A Last Look at 825-831 South Wabash

Noah Vaughn

While Chicago’s building preservation community was wringing its hands over the impending demolition of the historic (but vacant and dilapidated) Johnson Publishing-owned YWCA building at 830 South Michigan Avenue, two other nearby buildings owned by Johnson were being torn down without much notice. Too bad, because while they didn’t have the historic pedigree of the YWCA building, they were noteworthy enough to merit a second look. . . .  . READ MORE at BLUEPRINTCHICAGO.ORG!

Noah Vaughn

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